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Birthdate:Feb 25
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
01 January 2010
We’re pilots watching the stars
    who do we think we are?
You’re never too old to be a fangirl.

Long term fan of Doctor Who and Muse, my main obsessions.

Sometimes I write stuff. Often I watch stuff. Occasionally I read stuff.

This journal is friends only, because I post real life stuff here, and I’m not one for sharing it with the world.

And JSYK, Matt Smith and Matt Bellamy are my audiovisual OTP ♥

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tags: profile credit, fic journal, Doctor Who, Muse, Goldfrapp, Matt Smith

the runaway bride | partners in crime | fires of pompeii | planet of the ood | the sontaren strategem | the poison sky | the doctor's daughter
the unicorn & the wasp | silence in the library | forest of the dead | midnight | turn left | the stolen earth | journey's end

the doctor/donna blog crew, by lilianvaldemyer ()

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